Monday, January 10, 2011

My Little All Nighters

The other night Caleb was just not tired. At all.  He is by far my hardest kid ever to get to sleep.  He is a very light sleeper also.  Even if you are quietly walking down the hall in socks, he can wake up.  His brother had got in his crib the night before to comfort him and broke the crib.  So we had to put Caleb in his playpen and he climbed out of it over and over till some time after 2am. 

So my husband could sleep, I finally camped inside of Caleb's room till he could fall asleep.  Caleb stopped climbing out since I was sitting in his room so instead he started talking and talking to me.  He is so funny!  Even though I was exhausted, I know his baby days are short.  So we talked back and forth.  He thinks he's carrying on a conversation and he's serious about it too.

So around 1am, Ivy walks in.  Ivy is my next worst sleeper. She and Ashley will talk and giggle till Ashley falls asleep.  Ivy heard us up so she decided to join us. 

She got to stay up till 2am so she thought she got away with something.  Well, she did!  Ha.  I was sooooo tired the next morning but thankfully it was not a school day so it was okay. 

Did I ever tell you Caleb likes to sleep with the light on also?  If I TRY to turn off his light in the middle of the night, he wakes up and cries till I turn it back on.  But because he has a hard time falling asleep, it's just not worth trying to turn his light off.  Goodness!  Thankfully, I have four other kids that are deep sleepers.  Otherwise I would never get to rest. :D
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