Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My New Years Resolutions Made Perfect

Well, being that everyone says New Years Resolutions can't ever be kept up with and are broken, I am going to set some that I assure you.... will be kept.  I know there are those that will say it can't be done but it will be done this year.

  •   I, Virginia, promise to never completely have all of our laundry done.  Since usually we do laundry in a rotation and occasionally get deeply behind, I think this can be done. 

  •  I also promise to not have a spotless house.  I'm not sure what one looks like but I have seen one or two before.  I usually am not invited to those houses.  (Which I assure you I am afraid to walk inside of). 

  • I promise to sometimes make mistakes and not always say the right thing.  Sometimes I am not always wise in my decisions or even say something really dumb to hurt a friend or loved one.  I never do it on purpose but it does happen every now and then.  It's hard being human sometimes.

  •  I promise to not be afraid to say no when I am asked a favor and it is just too much for me.  To not feel guilty for putting God first, family second, and others after all that. 

  •  This year I promise I will not be perfect in appearance at all times.  It's gonna hurt to not look like a walking doll at all times but I'm sure my husband would agree this one will be a keepable one for me. 

I think those are pretty good for now.  I'm sure I could come up with lots more if I wasn't sitting here typing on my laptop amongst piles of laundry I am working on.  Looks like resolution number 1 is working out for me!  Ha!
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