Thursday, January 27, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Kids

Kyle on the right
Two days ago we played Hide or Pickup 5.  One of our favorite cleaning games. Kyle, my 7 year old, was it and he was searching for everyone.  While I was hiding and was the last one left I heard,

"Mom, oh for heaven's sake!  I'm afraid of the dark so where are you?" 

I think it's cute that all my kids say "For Heaven's Sake, Good Grief, and Oh Brother!"  Something I carried down from my parents.  Tee hee....

By the way, I ran into this.  OUTTA THE MOUTHS OF MAMAS.  Funny!!!  Make me laugh out loud.

Ivy came home from school and had this to share with us. What she looks like now and what she thinks she'll look like when she is 100. 

Do you see on the right how she made herself holding a walker?

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