Sunday, January 02, 2011

January Flashbacks!

I LOVE looking  back on my blog to see all the memories I have forgotten about, things that have changed, trials we have come through, and how much the kids have grown.  I am so happy I decided in 2006 to start a blog for this reason. 

In JANUARY of 2007, our house was still being built, Ivy was only a year and a half, I was newly pregnant with Ashley (my 5th child) , we lived in a little 2 bedroom apartment, I got to visit with my old boot camp drill instructor, my husband's house where he grew up burned down, and my childhood friend Stephen passed away while serving overseas,

In JANUARY 2008,  I decided it was a good time for an internet break could only post blogs from my Juno Email.  So I didn't get to post any pictures.  However, I had some photos lost that were of our vacation in the snow!  :(  At that time I was homeschooling and faithfully doing aerobics at the gym and I felt like all of my time was on that.  I was new to homeschooling and I hadn't learned much about juggling at that point.  At least compared to now! I mean, I I had to learn how to get good at it and, boy, it took me a long time. 

In JANUARY 2009, my kids were back in school in hopes I'd find a good program for Chaz, I got a sweet and cuddly little Dachshund that lived only a very short time, we were having a terrible time training our Great Dane, I got my new camera that I'm in love with still, we still enjoyed going to the mall (which I'm not as fond of anymore), had fun at the zoo, and I was newly pregnant with baby Caleb (our 6th)!  Just as soon as I found out I was pregnant with him, my husband was laid off his job in the engineering field and we have not been able to get back in that field ever since. We went through some really scary times, almost losing everything, but God showed us that even if we lost everything materially, we had our health, each other, and a relationship with Him.  That's what truly matters. 

In JANUARY of 2010, I was homeschooling my older 3 kids, having a much better time this go around, Caleb was 4 months old and I was having nursing troubles again, had fun going on our own field trips like the Science Center, I learned how to be more relaxed with kids at home and was still working out a good schedule for us to function with all the kids at home, and having family fun nights.    Probably the best thing that happened in January was having my sister and her kids visit from South Africa.  They come down for a couple of weeks every two years. 

Wow.  Sniff..... most of the memories I had blogged about, were totally forgotten.  I'm so grateful I took the time to post about them.
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