Saturday, January 08, 2011

Congrats Mom!

My mom and Ivy

My mom has worked really hard to finish up her Real Estate classes.  She did well and had a really good grade point average in college.

So PROUD of you, Mom.  We had lots of fun going out to Oregano's afterwards and hanging out with you.
At first it was so noisy in the restaurant that we could hardly talk.  They even squeezed 9 of us into a 6 person table. We couldn't take it anymore and asked to go out to the patio.  It had a covering, fireplace, and heaters so we took our chances hoping it was warm.  It was way more relaxing and the fire was pretty.  Finally we could talk, be silly, and just hang out.

Afterwards as we were leaving, we noticed that there was a karaoke bar right now door and the window was open.  They were singing a song that we knew the words to.  So we snuck up to the window, stuck our heads in and screamed...


Haha!  They quickly shut the window since we ruined their contest.  Oh man.  I wish we would of had a video of it!  We were laughing so hard.
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