Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Losing Weight The Way It Works For Me

I've been dropping weight so much quicker and I found my secret.  Hee hee...

Okay, so here is what I've tried.  I know working out is good.  It always is. But sometimes I wonder with how busy I am how much I needed to do it.  I rarely ever sit down. One day I decided to get one of those pedometers to see how many steps I took in a day.  Well, they say you should at least take 10,000 a day.  By the end of the day I had taken over 11,000.  I told my friend and she said mine must be broken.  So since then I tried 3 different brands and they all said I took plenty of steps a day.  I think I'm just a really, really active person and don't like to be sitting down for very long.

I've tried keeping a food journal after about a week, I already had an idea of what I should stay away from and how things were adding up.  After that, it was just forcing me to stop and think about food.  Then I would say "Oh mannnn, I have no calories left I can eat" and I would think and think about it.

I still like to jog at least 30 minutes a day when I can but sometimes it's not only possible.  The answer for me has been just staying busy.  When you are busy on your housework, playing with the kids, doing projects, time just seems to fly.  Lately I've just thought so little about food since I've just been keeping myself busy!  Even without jogging sometimes and just eating smaller portions, the weight has just been melting off.

Terrible quality but the picture proves I'm the only one faithfully weighing myself everyday. Everyone's character is sleeping!  haha

I decided to go back to the Christian diet which is simple and I've always loved. Eat only when you are hungry and eat just till you are satisfied.  Not full.  Basically eat smaller portions. I've learned to push the plate away and wrap up what I have left for later. Often, I will not overcook and only cook what is necessary.  I no longer make these big lunches for everyone. We keep it simple now which helps me anyway by not trashing the kitchen twice a day.  I do weigh myself every day on the Wii Fit (picture above) in order to keep track of my progress which is important. ;)

Well anyway, what is your favorite weight loss program?  Everyone is different and what may work for one person doesn't always work for the next. 

Just for fun I looked up Weight Loss Program Reviews.  This is like the Academy Awards but for dieting.  Here goes....

For the BEST weight loss program over all, the award goes to (drumroll please)...
Weight Watchers!!!!!

For the BEST prepackaged diet plan.....
Slim Fast!

For the BEST diet book.....
The Best Life Diet

The BEST online weight loss community.....
(My personal favorite)

Baby Caleb
On a positive note:I lost 20lbs (whoo hoo!) since having baby Caleb.  :D  Just 9 more to go and I will be what I was before having babies.  NOT what I was when I was married and I never want to be.  I was extremely underweight.  I was 30lbs less than what I am right now.  Yikes!
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