Monday, January 10, 2011

Historic Giving for Angel Tree 2010!

Reece and Andrea
I was visiting the Reece's Rainbow blog and was excited to hear that the generous giving resulted in the most successful Angel Tree EVER.  After a last minute New Year gift of $50,000, ALL of the children on the Angel Tree met their individual $1000 grant goal for the first time in their history! They raised more than $305,000 in adoption grants between November 1 and December 31.  This is nearly QUADRUPLE what they raised in 2009 during the same time period.  2000 ornaments were purchased, and 30 children found their families. 


What wonderful news!  Thank you Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross for doing a shoutout on twitter about the giveaway and thank you to all my friends that passed along the news also!  Even more, thank you for giving to this.  This is something I would like to take part of in the near future again.  There are always kids nearing the 5 year mark, which is something I discussed in this VIDEO about kids being transferred to mental institutions.

Patti, who originally brought it to our attention, even made it more fun by hosting a giveaway for an iPad on her blog.  That was an AWESOME contest.  :D
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