Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Would You Do?

..if a stampede came chasing after you?
Funny Prank.

One of my favorite sites is Awkward Family Photos.  I ran into one of my favorite photos EVER!  haha.  Love this. 

Awww.... I know how she feels. I felt like this when I had my first two at only 12 months apart. Straight from one pregnancy to another. (She has twins though!)  Now, with 6 kids, the mess is really hard to conquer. I wish I could come over and do her laundry for her, make them a dinner, and give her a days rest just as a blessing. What a FANTASTIC picture! Love it. This is for all the men that say
"What did you do all day?"

Running a house can be exhuasting!  Unless of course you are my sister Tammy where homemaking comes so naturally to her, she says she gets bored. Seriously, one day my sis says on Facebook, "Man, it's so easy staying at home and keeping the house clean I have nothing to do!"  I can't believe we are related.  So unfair.
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