Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting Out of These Four Walls

Tonight I asked my sweetheart son if he wanted to go with mommy to Sam's Club.  I didn't want to go alone and needed a buddy.  He hopped right up and came along.  I love having the alone talks. We even had fun just saying hi to other people in the store. 

That's what happens when you're always at home.....

I went to drop some stuff off at my mom's house and she said, "Do you and Ryan want to go out to eat with Dad and I?" 

DO I?  DO I?  YES!!!!  Of course!!! 

We were way excited. Well, at least I was.  Ryan is always happy to see his Nana and Papa.  We ate out and my mom and I shared a meal (better on the calories).  We treated ourself to a slice of pie and coffee.  Ohhhh, we drank LOTS of coffee.  After 5 cups I asked the waitress to cut us off.  We sound like real partyers huh?  We had so much fun.  Of course I had to call my hubby and let him know where I was.  He was so happy I was getting out.  Seriously, I rarely go spending money anywhere so he was just so happy I was gonna go have some alone time with my oh-so-amazing parents. 

Seriously, these parents rock.  I couldn't of dreamt of my life any better.  You know what I complained about when I was a teen?  That I was over protected.  Wasn't able to go out partying.  Couldn't go to the prom (gee, I wonder why).  And couldn't go out with boys alone at all hours of the night.  Wow.  Life was hard.  Sound like my parents were really stifling huh?  NOPE. They spared me a lot of heartache.  To that I am super thankful. 

By the waayyyyy.... I wrote a post on my other blog, Meet Chaz, and I would love for you to come and visit!
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