Friday, January 21, 2011

The Little Boring Room

Ryan left me a little folded note the other day
Today I had to take my son to the doctors office. Something I really, really don't understand is....

They have a beautiful and fun waiting room in the front with cartoons and fun things to do.  Why, oh, why do they call you back into the little boring white room to leave you sitting for another 30 minutes with your little kids?  I know it's not to keep sick kids away from each other because they have a separate part of the office for sick kids.  We went on the well side.  So, why not just leave my toddlers, Chaz and I in the happy room?  Then when the doctor is going to be in soon we can be transferred back into the boring area. 

The note I hid for him to find later

A LITTLE SECRET I do since I'm soooo bored back in that room is, um... clean out my purse.  Well, they left me there for so long that I was looking for something to do.  Desperately.  I can't ever sit still so it's just a little torturous for me.  (By the way, I never throw out my receipts in a public place). So everything else went IN THE GARBAGE.  I'm sure at the end of the day, they will scratch their heads at all the bubble gum wrappers, old coupons, tissues, little pamphlets, and other odds and ends filling up one of the their garbage's. 

 If you are a nurse and you've noticed the unusually full bin.... it was me.  I usually never find time to do that at home.  So if you leaving me hanging with utter boredom in your little white room and impatient kids, I'm gonna find SOMETHING to do that I otherwise might never get to when I'm at home.

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