Monday, January 17, 2011

You Did What?!

Lately I've been cleaning after the kids go to bed and just setting out stuff for the next day.  So Saturday night I put two chickens in crockpots and let them cook overnight.  The next morning Chaz walks in and says....

"Mom, what's that smell?"

Me: "Oh, I'm cooking a chicken."

Chaz walks over, lifts the lid to see the chicken and says:

"Well, that's NOT nice!"

I look at him confused and then it dawns on me:

"No, it's not OUR chickens, Chaz!  I got these from the store!"

Chaz: "Oh."

I was laughing so hard and it was before I had my coffee while getting ready for church.  Just the look on his face when he lifted the lid seeing the cooked chicken was so funny.

Sorry if you are a vegetarian reading this.  :P  We love animals in our backyard but also on our plates the way God intended.  We just prefer to buy them from elsewhere to eat.

By the waaay, I just posted about Asperger Moms over on my other blog.  :D
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