Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Float Test on Eggs

I know you city slickers, like myself, have always wanted to know how to tell a good egg from a bad egg if you are not sure of expiration date. I thought I would share my (slowly) growing knowledge of raising chickens with you. 

One of my little Rhode Island Reds.  The one above (and below) is my rooster.  He's sooo cute. My son decided to put him next to their toys on the gaming monitor. Helps you see how little he is.

Caleb thought he was pretty cool but I had to quickly pull it away when Caleb almost twisted his neck off.  Poor chicken! 

Alexandra (my friend's daughter above) wanted to learn how to do a float test with the eggs.  So I had her go out and collect all the eggs we can find.  We only washed them because they were going to be used right away.  In countries where they are not refrigerated while being put out for sell, they stay fresh because of the coating around them.  Better to just wipe eggs rather than wash if not being used yet.

I showed her that if you put the egg in the cup of water, if it floats its a bad egg.  If it sinks, it's a good egg.  This goes also for store bought eggs if you are not sure whether they are good or not.  The pocket of air gets bigger the older the egg gets which is what makes it float.

Plus, another way to tell is how healthy the yoke looks when you crack it.  If it looks like this (above) it's healthy.  If you crack it into pan and yoke just lays flat, definitely throw it out.

On this day I had 9 kids so after I showed Al how to tell if they eggs were good, we had delicious cooked eggs for everyone!  Having chickens is actually really convenient. They are easy to care for and it's soo nice to just go get eggs whenever needed. I don't know how many times I would forget to buy eggs for a recipe. Now I just send one the kids out to collect some eggs.  Pretty cool!
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