Monday, January 03, 2011

Winter Break

Kids are so funny and they say the cutest things.  The other day I was giving Ivy a bath while trying to get gum out of her hair.  Ivy's confession to me:

"Mommy, I'm sooo sorry I snuck into your gum while you were sleeping and got it in my hair. I guess I'm just not a good gummer like everyone else."

Winter break was so fun for us but there is definitely something I haven't heard in awhile. My house crying.  Boy, did my house suffer!  We all stayed up late and slept in.  We're still having fun with our Christmas toys and games.  Chaz is working hard at gaining weight and I am working at losing weight.  We mostly just played these last 2 weeks. 

Another thing I noticed is how MUCH my boys can really eat. They have been eating breakfast and lunch at school.  When they were here, not kidding, my boys each would eat 4 sandwiches and even look for more stuff.  I was shocked.  I know people have warned me about this.  That boys will eat everything in site at some point.  Well, it's starting for me.  I can't imagine the teen years!  Haha.
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