Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are Boys or Girls Harder?

Wow, I have forgotten how hard little boys can be!  I was trying to read a book on history and Caleb kept coming up and trying to either take the book from me or cover it so I couldn't read it.  (I did get to read at least one page and it was really interesting.  History was always my favorite subject.  Even though it seems I can't retain very much. Hmph.)

(No, Kyle is not picking his nose. Just one of those unlucky moments where you look like you are and it's now on camera.)

At first I tried to pry Caleb's little baby fingers off the book.  Then I thought, "I can read this book any other time." So I picked up my baby and gave him the attention he wanted.  Out of all my kids, Caleb is the most snuggly and needy for attention.  I give him lots!  But he'll do anything to get more.  I'm always pulling him off counters, tables, chairs, desks, stools, bathroom sinks, etc.  This boy keeps me on my toes!  It's been awhile since I've had a boy so I am not used to this at all.

See how Henry the dog lays right below couch? He has saved Caleb from having hard falls many times from the couch. Henry doesn't even move a budge. Caleb used to be terrified of the dog but now he knows that Henry will put up with a lot. He just lays there, like you see in picture, as if a baby isn't sitting right on top of him. (Trying to take mommy's book away).

 Kyle (below) was my last boy before having two girls.  He has a very booming voice and could make leaves fall off a tree with his screams.  I remember when he was a baby and little ol' ladies would come up to the stroller.  They would say "oohhh, what a sweet little baby".  Then Kyle would let out a screech and scare the poor ladies.  Ha ha!  Even when he first came out of my tummy and let out his first cry, the nurse said "Whew!  I feel for you when you get home.  That boy has lungs!" 
Tickling Kyle

Lately I haven't been very good at keeping the house together.  Sure I have chores and the kids have chores.  But I started thinking..... do I have to go crazy about trying so hard?  Sure I might get criticism.  "Cleanliness is next to Godliness."  (I said that in a critical sounding voice in my head).  But lately, I've had sooo many ladies come up to me at tell me how they wish they didn't worry so much about their house and just had fun with their kids. Spent more time with them.  Lately, I just feel really good about the time I've spent with the kids rather than worrying about how messy things are getting.  Kids come with mess.  They just go together like ketchup and mustard.  Salt and pepper.  Men and sports. 

My kids were playing so cute together and I was just thinking about how these moments are so short.  So I secretly set up my camera on the piano to show what our hallway looks like while kids are playing.  It was soooo cute.  I did some silly stuff not knowing I was in the frame where you could see me. Oh well.  LOL. Just playing with the kids.  I know that someday I will look back on this video and yearn for these days.  I already enjoy them immensely so I know I will miss it and the house will look like this....


Yeah, I don't think that's so hugely important. Rather have my kids!  Look, even Henry is sad in that picture.  He might've had his ears pulled and his tail tugged on, but he's wouldn't be getting very many snuggles either.  No crumbs to eat that fall to the floor.  No kids' beds to sneak into while they are gone at school. (Yuck!)

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