Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Things Not To Do When Tired

Okay, I have to share this thing that happened to me yesterday morning.  Err... I mean to my husband.

I set the alarm and go to bed.  I usually set one for me and one for Charles. He gets up at 5:20am every day.  So, I wake up to him saying goodbye to me while I'm still in a sleeping fog.  Then what seemed only a little bit later, I wake up to a hello.  Huh?  He looks a little frustrated so I ask him what happened and why he is back since he left a half hour ago.  Well, he said while heading to work he noticed that not only was it still really pitch black out, there were almost no cars on the road.  He gets to Circle K to get a drink and asks what time it is. The guys says "4am". Charles said he stood there for a few seconds trying to make sure he didn't hear wrong.  4am?  That means he had got up around 3:20am.  A whole 2 hours before he should have.

Somehow I had messed with the clock while I was tired and setting it.  I pushed the time 2 hours ahead so Charles got up way too early without realizing it.  Oops!  I told him I was soooo sorry!  I felt really, really bad.  So then he laid back down just to get up an hour later and head back out again.
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