Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Life Gives You Boogers

This is how I found Ashley when we were just about to head to church for the evening service.  Curled in a little ball, on the floor, in her Sunday dress.  She looked like a little Anne Geddes baby but I'm not a photographer like she is.

In church I was cuddling Ashley and giving her kisses. I was a little distracted even though the sermon totally touched my heart and hit home.

Little Ashley giggled and brought her hand up to my lips.  So I kissed it.  She said "NO, look mommy" so I did.  Her little thumb had a nice sized booger on it. She wasn't giving me her thumb to kiss it.  She wanted to show me her booger.  I told my husband later about it and he said, "Oh, was that when you gasped really loud and made those gagging sounds?"  Gosh, I didn't know I was that obvious but I was really grossed out for a second there.  Heh heh..... When life gives you boogers, make.... make.... oh, I don't know!  Just get tissue!

 You know.... I hardly ever talk about Ryan.  I feel so bad.  You know how it is when you have a difficult child, you talk about them?  When you have a real over achiever that invents some cool new rocket technology you talk about them?  What happens when you just have that sweet child that never begs for your attention, at least rarely?  They help their little brothers and sisters after you've already walked out of viewing distance.  They are kind, generous, and just seem to be really good natured.  Those are the kids often that get the least amount of attention because they're not hitting their brother over the head with a plastic bat or announcing that they're gonna go try to jump off the roof onto the trampoline in your backyard. Even as a baby he never complained.  Even when his brother, who was only 12 months older, would crawl right over him.  He was like the Gerber baby of my dreams.  Because I've heard so many of these kinds of kids grow up and complain that they were depended on too much, I constantly remind myself not to do ask too much of him.  Even if he makes himself available to help.  Even they have their limits.

Last night while I was mopping late at night, Ryan asked if he could help me.  I said, "No thank you, baby.  You need your rest."  Have you ever read the book Birth Order?  It's amazing how you can see the differences that are so typical in first born, second, and last.  The book even talks about larger families.

I know between this blog and my other one I seem like such a book nerd. That's what happens when you grow up with no TV or internet.  The only game system that existed was the original Nintendo. Okay, so this reminds me of a conversation we were having with our kids. Chaz asked what year I was born.  "1979?  Gosh, mom!  I bet you didn't even have phones back then!"  Well, gosh, I'm not THAT old!  Then I delivered the BIGGIE.  He about fell over when I told him we didn't have internet.  He thinks I had no life.  But I did.  I jumped ramps on my bike with my friends, looked for special rocks in my back yard.  Had fun exploring the neighborhood.  Walked to the local swimming pool daily in the summer.   I had a life!  A pretty darn good one too. Well, I have one now.  I'm having a blast watching them have a life and see the world through their eager eyes.
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