Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Student Run Radio Station at EVIT

I came across this video of a friend I've known since he was 5. Brandon Payan is the kind of kid that never showed any shyness in dramas or plays he was in. Even when he was real little he was always the star of the show.  When I found out he was interested in doing this kind of work, it clicked. Stations would miss out big time not keeping tabs on Brandon.  He's got the voice, the drive, AND the animation you need in keeping the listeners interested.  I had to chuckle when I first heard he was doing this because I couldn't imagine a more perfect fit for him.

EVIT has a student run radio station where they give hands on experience in technology.  Isn't that the neatest idea?  Have you noticed how frustrating it is for kids coming out of college and trying to get into their fields.  They talk about how these kids try to apply for these kinds of jobs and what is the first question they ask?  "Have you had any experience?"  Well, nooooooo.... How do they begin?  Well, EVIT helps them get started. Now these kids can say they DO have experience.

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