Saturday, February 05, 2011

Only Calm When Sleeping

Caleb only stays out of trouble when he's sleeping. See how he's cuddling his daddy and looks super calm? Don't let him fool you.

Caleb is into EVERYTHING.  When I say everything I mean everything he's NOT supposed to get into. He gets into every single cupboard. On top the counters, tables, desks, chairs, sits in sinks.  He gets on the computers and acts serious on it with one hand on the mouse.  It's funny.  Sometimes.  It's funny till he changes files around on my computer.  I had bought a stool at IKEA so my kids could easily get drinks when they need to but Caleb uses it to get up on things so I had to put it up.  

So for my sanity this is my first step.  Getting locks on all my cupboards.  It took so long to put the first one on that I didn't want to keep going.  But Caleb soon figured out that there were plenty other ones to open. So when he would open another, I'd go put a lock on that one.  Then he'd go test another one.  Eventually, I had all the cupboards done in no time.  It was just out of sheer desperation.  Little stinker. 

Next I'm buying a gate but one where we can open up like a door instead of hopping over.  I don't feel like breaking an arm any time soon.
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