Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day and Splandwiches

But first!

Splandwiches- by Ivy and Ashley

Turkey slices

There you have it!  A Splandwich!


Our church had a renewing of the vows on Sunday night for Valentines.  This is such a mean prank on the kids but I couldn't help it. Well, on the way to church I told the kids that everyone at church was going to pick someone new to be married to.  That all the guys were gonna line up and pick new partners.

Kyle yells out "OH MYGOSH!" and all the kids start crying.  They were saying "Nooooooo!"  I didn't think they would really believe me but since they were all freaking out, I had to tell them very quickly that I was joking. Through tears of laughter.  Oh my goodness.  It was soooo funny.  I know it was mean.  Tee hee.....

It was a cute night as we all went to the alter and renewed vows with our spouse.  I couldn't help but giggle all through it.  I meant every word but I'm not the type to express myself romantically with people surrounding me.  But it was still sweet and the nursery watched our kids extra long so all the couples could have a special treat afterwards. Yummy food and cake.  ;)  It was nice to be with him alone but you can bet I made sure I brought back cake for all my sweet kiddies.
Couples in our church renewing vows
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