Thursday, February 03, 2011

Accidentally Made Awesome Rice

I've always loved to bake. I'm a perfectionist about it too. My mom said when I was a teen I would bake and bake and if it didn't come out perfect I would throw it right into the garbage.  I never really learned how to cook.  I was just into making cakes and cookies.  Well, when I was a new bride I found whatever was the easiest to cook.  Pasta Roni.  Haha.  So one day I would get Angel Hair pasta and maybe put some canned corn on the side.  The next day make a Pasta Roni Alfredo and have green beens on the side. Or we ate out.  It took me a looong time (years) to really start learning how to properly cook.  I kept asking people how to make good Spanish rice and everyone's answer was different.  I didn't like some people's version of it.  Unless of course I was at  a restaurant.  I LOVED theirs.

So this time I said I would just guess how to make it.  Put all the ingredients together in a Rice Cooker and wha-la!!!  It was some GOOD tasting Spanish rice!  I was proud and my family scarfed it down and begged for more the next day.

Too bad I didn't write it down.

I know I had added some of my homemade salsa I taught myself a year ago.  That was by guess too.  Lucky one.  I was in my kitchen was day and just started adding what I thought went into salsa and now I can't ever eat the store bought stuff it was so delicious.  I can't believe how bland store bought salsa is.  

Hopefully tomorrow I can accidentally make some good tamales.  That will be a strrrrrretch though.  Haha!  

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