Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Preview Adding More Children to Your Family

Ashley, Naomi, Ivy
My friend just had a baby this past weekend so her little girl is here.  We've always talked about how maybe someday we'd want to have another kid.  If I was a supermom I'd let them come as often as it would allow.  Kids are GREAT.  Sure they empty out all the toothpaste and then smear it to make the sink pink.  I know they like to unroll the toilet paper into the toilet and flush it to see it quickly unravel.  They even like to embarrass you by asking strangers loudly if they are poor and why their is hair broken.  Even with my red face, I see the blessings.  :D

Is there a big difference between 6 or 7 kids?  Nope.  Just one more to conspire why a Koolaid packet makes for good lotion all over their body 5 minutes before you're about to head out to church.  Even with the inconvenience of having to strip them down and bathe and scrub them so people don't think the red is blood all over their body and call the cops on you.

So if you'd like to have a preview of "just one more kid", invite a kid to stay a few days.  If it wipes you out and causes you to go into a coma nightly, maybe just wait awhile.  For me, there is absolutely no difference from 6 to 7.  We are still a larger group taking up an aisle in the mall.  We only have to buy one more bouncy ball out of the vending machine to test how high we can make it bounce from the top floor to the bottom of the mall.  It still cost a million dollars to go out to eat. And it's just more undies to throw in the wash.

If my kids are separated they call on the phone
because they miss each other.
But... one more smile around the dinner table.  One more snuggle when they come to you needing one.  One more addition to playing Hide and Seek.  More players in Pictionary.  Now if you go and have Septuplets.... please don't blame me.  Heh heh.  I rarely ever do those previews but I do know you'll be buying a lot more toilet paper.


Ryan is new to basketball this year.  We've tried to convince him for awhile to just give it a chance and he wouldn't.  So Chaz's coach asked him and Ryan joined.  So proud of him for making this shot! Go Ryan!  He wanted to make sure his family saw this.  :D

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