Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ivy Encounters

Ivy back when she was teeny
Ivy the other day was concerned about her sister. Ashley seemed a little warm and was laying on the couch.  So Ivy went to the kitchen sink and grabbed the big, wet, squishy, dripping hand rag I had used to wipe the counters with (still had some stuff on it) to put on Ashley's head.  Ashley started crying as the cold water dripped all over her face.  I yelped and jumped up to grab it. GROSS!  Haha.  Poor Ashley.

Ivy has a lot of good intentions, it just comes out wrong sometimes.  So, on another day she walked into the room and interrupted Charles and I talking.  Charles corrected her and said "Ivy, you do not interrupt your mom and dad when they are talking unless it's really important!"   Later Ivy says to me, "Mom, it's not nice that daddy scares little girls."

Ivy's sing song prayer today while we were driving in the van.  "Dear God, thank you for Chaz.  I just love him sooooooo much.  I love him with alllll my heart. And thank you, God, for Ryan but please help him to not be mean to me.  Also help Kyle not to have to wear a pullup at night anymore. Make the pee not come out of his body.  I pray for Ashley that she won't scream loud in my ear when she's upset.  I looove baby Caleb, God, but please make him not hurt me and scream so loud.  He's so cute and I looove him soooo much, God.  Amen".

Mommy: What about daddy?  Can you pray about daddy and mommy?

Ivy: No, I just can't.  My throat hurts from talking so much and I'm done.
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