Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Team Peter: Needs Funding Badly

Patti has a new update about Peter on her blog. The news is good and bad.

First the good.....

Peter has a family!!!!

 His health is declining and he can't wait a year to come to the US and get dr's help. The wonderful family that is adopting him seriously needs the full funding to bring him home. They will be taking care of his medical once he gets here. They are so, so, so grateful of what everyone has done. Without you, Peter would get no help and end up in a Mental Institution.

Patti says if everyone just donates $10, he'll reach his goal. Even if you've already donated and put an entry in, if you donate another $10, you can add an extra entry for the contest (Pure Love Giveaway). Contest ends on Friday.  Please, Please consider just the extra $10. Together, we can help bring Peter home.

To donate, go HERE, or just donate to Peter on the top of my sidebar. -------->

 Your donations ARE tax deductible.
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