Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Venting Here in Blogland

Charles and Kyle August 2008

Sometimes as a mommy and a wife you can only give your best.

Sometimes things are out of your control.

For example.  My husband has had a high fever for 3 days and right now is at the Dr's to see why it's dragging on and on.  He's hardly able to just stay awake. UPDATEHe just got back. He has flu and bronchitis. He got a breathing treatment, an inhaler, steroids, and a Zpack to fight infection. He can't work for a week! Goodness. I have to take care of my man.  Poor guy!

I've had appointments I can hardly keep track of such as dentist, eye appointments, and one of my sons is going to have a procedure done at a specialist soon.  I've missed appointments because of some overlapping the other.

Ryan, Kyle, Chaz 2008

My boys have basketball practice 3 times a week and games.

They have school projects like crazy, not including their regular homework.

I've had countless meetings with my son's school to help show them things that I've learned over time to help Chaz.  I need them to work with me.  I know it's easier to send him home to mommy but he knows this and they are playing into his hands.  Chaz wants to hide and I need him to learn to be strong.

Chaz 2008

I've been meeting with Ivy's teacher to see why she is struggling and what may be causing it.  My surprise?  She possibly has Sensory Processing Disorder.  It's affecting her greatly at school and she is getting further and further behind.  Normally in Kindergarten this would not be such a huge deal.  But at THIS school they learn how to read by the end of Kindergarten.  I'm pulling her and now homeschooling her.  I HATE this.  I hate being flaky.  When she was struggling before I stepped it up a notch.  I worked hard with her at home along with the school.  It was just too much for her to get up so early, be gone allll day, come home and do her regular homework, AND on top of that they gave her more work using an online program she has to do daily. It was gonna have to be either/or.  Go to school or learn with mom.  Not both.  At 5 she can't be overloaded like this.  She's working her butt off with almost zero playtime to relax.  With a heavy heart I am pulling her.

Ryan 2008
I really, really don't like some homeschooling programs out there that push for a Kindergartner to be learning more than the needed basics.  I can really care less if my daughter knows the continents when she just needs to be focusing on her numbers, letters, and sounds.  All that other stuff can wait.  That's just my opinion.  If you don't have these basics down pat, it's gonna get harder and harder to catch up later. There is a popular homeschooling program I see my friends at church using and I can't believe how many hours are required from them.  Okay, I can see maybe high school students working 8 hours a day on it. One girl, in 8th grade, is doing homeschool for more than 8 hours. Even in a public school a kid is not studying for that many hours. If you  minus play time, lunch time, recess, extra curriculars, etc.

So I'm putting Ivy on the program I've used before that was extremely successful for my other kids.  Really, at 5, I'm not worried about her leaning what animal is from what part of the world.  She just needs her basics right now.

Some of my boys are needing tutoring.

I'm a little grouchy right now but....
Kyle's first day of school. Ohhhh...Memories

Why is it that when they are homeschooling they are souring in their grades?  When I put them back into a school they once again fall behind. Especially since they started the year on top of their class and having honor roll.  Why am I always having to play catch up and rescue them?  Are class sizes too big?  Are they just not used to having to be at school for so many hours and then come home and have even more homework?  Is it overwhelming them?  I don't know, Just trying to figure this out.



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