Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Desperate Days

 Whoa, before church on Wednesday night it was the crazy of all crazies.  It was just one of those days and it usually lands on a church day.  That's how it is, right?  Well, for me.  I left a note earlier on Charles steering wheel (he asked me too) reminding him to pick up Ryan at basketball practice after school.  Ryan calls me about an hour and a half after school ended to tell me the coach had cancelled and he was just sitting there waiting. Charles walks in the door awhile later without Ryan.  I say "Uh, where is Ryan?"  Charles said he didn't know.  Well, I  left the note on his car and he had taken the van so he didn't get the note.  I ran out the door and left dinner that I just was gonna start working on. With traffic, I didn't get to Ryan till 6pm.  Poor guy was waiting in their after care for 3 hours. He was sad and totally exhausted.   I gave him a big hug, told him I was so, so sorry and we left for home.  He said it was long and boring.  I told him I felt so bad and I reminded him that there are kids that have to do that every single day.  Stay there for hours on end, get home and have only a little bit of playing time and time with their family before going to bed again.  I already hate how many hours a day they are gone.  Some of the kids are there from 6 or 7 in the morning and don't get home till 5 or 6 at night.  That's just crazy.  I can't imagine how hard that's gotta be.

We had to hurry because it was church night.  As soon and I walked (more like flew) in the door, I ran around getting the kids ready and we headed out to church without eating dinner. Then realizing we needed gas in the van or we would run out.  So we headed to the gas station.

Before picking up Ryan I had just gotten out of the shower and never got to do my hair.  I ALWAYS curl my bangs.  I have to have bangs.  I hate my forehead.  You could show a movie off of it.  See, if I were a teacher I wouldn't need to pull down the screen.  I would just put a headband on to pull up my bangs, stand in front of the projector and display the movie.  Anyway, I figured on the way to church I would use my curling iron like I do sometimes when I'm in a hurry.  Well, it wasn't working!  Then to make matters worse, they were completely parted in the middle.  I was starving so I asked my husband to get me a burger.  We were cutting short on time but I couldn't take it anymore.  I tried a few more desperate attempts to get the curling iron working but something was wrong with the outlet.  Ah ha!  I could use my incredibly hot cheeseburger that's still in it's package to apply heat to my bangs.  It worked! Somehow I got my bangs to curl around it.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  By the time I made it to church the hairs were standing up with static and the curl completely left.  Why????  Whyyyyyy?

I went to drop off baby Caleb in the nursery and so I stood in line with the other mommies.  I noticed the line wasn't moving because the hostess wanted to chat forever with one of the moms signing in.  I couldn't take it anymore. Finally, since church was about to start, I walked up to the door, placed Caleb over the short wall and walked out.  I couldn't wait for them to discuss which recipes they were gonna use for every day of the week and how potty training was going for the last month in detail.  I went to sit with my family.  As I was putting my head down in my chair and trying to stay off radar, I realized I could go back to my van, grab the curling iron and sneak into the church bathroom with it. Well, this is actually a different room off the church so it gets locked up once service starts.

While it being nice that I was curling my bangs quickly, it was still parting in the middle.  So I turned the faucet on and soaked it. That way it could at least dry right.  As soon as I did that, an usher knocked on the door and said I needed to get out and the annex was getting locked up.  Agh!  I just soaked my bangs!  I shouted "Okay, I'll be right out!" and very quickly tried to dry them with paper towels, curled my bangs, threw the curler in my purse and ran out.  That usher probably thought I was having serious bathroom problems.

I only missed a song or two before the sermon started so I sat down and happily clapped away with my hair looking normal. Phew!  I had made it.   Yay for me.  Who knew cheeseburgers could curly hair?  I never would've thunk.
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