Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Scripture Changed My Life

"Don't make friends with someone who easily gets angry. Don't spend time with someone who has a bad temper. If you do, you may learn to be like him. Then you will be in real danger." Proverbs 22:24-35

I know we know this. We've heard it a million times. Seriously think about it though. You are who you hang around. I had written previously thinking about this topic. Something God had put on my heart. I read this scripture today again and since I really applied this scripture to my life, I've seen such incredible changes in my life. Towards God, towards my elders, towards my good friends I had once looked up to. Even towards life in general. Words do matter. Who you hang around does matter. Charles said that he's seen such a big change in me since I applied this scripture awhile back. I used to distance myself to people. Questioning everything to the point of becoming just downright cynical. Eventually, so much life felt drained out of me. Pick your friends wisely. Do they encourage you when you are down? When you are astray in your actions, do they direct you back to His word? Do they speak well of others or are they always putting people down or reminding you of mistakes? Really, really think about it. Honesty is a good thing if a friend has a purpose of caring about your soul. I pray that God will help me to lift a friend in a time of need. Not just help them complain. But to have a purpose in bringing them back to Him.

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