Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Late Fun For My 30th

Kyle was trying to make me proud here with his really nerdy smile. Ha ha...

I know my birthday was on the 14th but I didn't get a chance to get together with my sis and family. I invited a couple other friends too. :D My sisters are not affectionate, that's why I joking in that picture like I'm gonna kiss Tammy. If I did, that would be death for me. Ha! After we were done my sister Tammy took Chaz and Ivy home with her. Ivy got spoiled when they went to the mall. Tammy has two boys so I'm sure she enjoyed buying "girlie" stuff. She bought her pj's, an outfit, earrings, bracelets, girl panties, play phone, and a little purse. Ivy even slept with Tammy that night. Chaz was happy to just play games with his cousins. :D That was his dream! When Ivy came back, she just kept telling me how nice Aunt Tammy is. "She is nice. Soooooo nice, mommy".

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