Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kyle's Kindergarten Graduation

Isn't this so cute? I think it's funny how they do Kindergarten graduations. Maybe to show them what's ahead if they finish? Is it because the first year is so hard, compared to playing at home with mommy all day, that they need a pat on the back? Remember their first day to school? They used to be able to wake up at home at whatever time. Eat breakfast, play all day, be with mommy. Then they are put in school with a schedule, more rules, different life style. These days they are in school all day. (I prefer half day Kindergarten). I had a headstart graduation so I have pictures of that. :D This is a cute picture. Had to share. They even had a ceremony and everything with the kids and parents cheering them on. I wish I could have been there!


Chris H said...

Totally ADORABLE photo!

Daddy Forever said...

My son's last day of Kindergarten is tomorrow and I'm fairly certain the school doesn't do graduations your like school. He's in half day too, but sometimes I think he's better off in full day. He still reads at a Kindergarten level.