Thursday, June 04, 2009

New Medicine

That Tylenol/Codeine just wasn't doing anything for me. I went into the ER yesterday to find out why and if they can prescribe anything better but safe because I'm pregnant. They said that I'm healing fine but my face and neck are still swollen. They gave me Vicodin. Thank goodness! It's the first time I can really sleep. The problem is I have to take the max allowed for me and even before the 4 hours is up, I'll shoot straight up in bed with pain. I have to just watch the clock to see, counting down the time till I can take more. They also prescribed me antibiotics just in case any infection is starting so they said this might really help. I hate taking these medicines while pregnant. Even if they are considered "safe". It's still not good. They said if I can, just take one pill every 6 hours but if it doesn't work, take two every four. Oh man, you'd better believe I'm taking 2 every 4 hours! It's unbelievable. I'm sad because I don't like doing this while pregnant. I don't like laying in bed while my little ones do whatever. Of course daddy is with them. When I get back on my feet, my kids will soon learn, mommy is not gonna let them play video games alllll day. They'd better play while they can. :P Yesterday I was crying because I couldn't do my chores and just be back to my own self. Charles started laughing because he said most people would welcome the opportunity to stay in bed like this. He knows that "being still" is not me. Can't wait to play with my babies again. For now, my medicine is finally kicking in again so I'm gonna try to get some sleep. Have a great day my Blogging friends! :)

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Oh, still????? PRAYERS!!!