Monday, June 08, 2009

Stitches and More Medicine

These past eleven days have been really hard in so many ways. Getting my wisdom teeth pulled is something I would have never thought could cause so many problems. I appreciate my hubby more and more seeing him take care of me patiently along with taking care of the kids. I know it's been tough on him. Most of the time, I'm just in bed. When I stated in my blog that I went in to the dentist and had that packing done, it turned out to only be temporary. By the next day, the pain returned and I was back in bed with Vicodin. I had to wait through the weekend for Monday to graciously and finally come. Right away I called the dentist and mercifully was able to come in. The dentist told me I had a really, really bad case of two dry sockets where bone is exposed. When he told me he had to irritate the gum area again and cause it to bleed, I cried. I was so tired of pain. He told me I had to get some shots and I warned him it would take a lot to numb me. Finally, after the tenth shot, I was numb enough to work on. He scraped the gums in both sides where the wisdom teeth had been pulled. Inside of it. Then he put dissolvable foam in there and then stitches up the holes on both sides. He warned me that when the novacaine wears off, I would be hurting so he gave me another perscription. I drove home and stupidly took Tylenol/Codeine which never worked for me before. Charles had to take me and the kids with him to an appointment (for a job he's getting) since he couldn't leave me alone with the kids. The pain was worsening beyond belief. We sat in the car for an hour and I just cried and cried. Finally he took me to the pharmacy and they told him I could not take any Vicodin for another hour since I had taken the Codeine. I lost it and just cried. An hour felt like forever. He bought me a Yogurt Parfait from McDonald's in hopes that I would be able to eat that since I hadn't eaten for a day. (Man, that was good). We waited in the Walgreens parking lot for the prescription to be filled for another hour. As soon as it was time, I took my pill. Charles had to get a physical right away but I begged and begged him to take me home and just lock me in a room with all the kids so I wouldn't have to sit up anymore in the van. Thankfully, the kids did well and I passed out on and off. Ashley was usually climbing on me so I would get woken up constantly (she's so cute though). The vicodin only takes away maybe half the pain. I still can't talk but the dentist said this should solve the problem for good. Thank God! My hubby's home from his physical and he laid me down in my bed. What happened to me can happen to anyone who gets their teeth pulled. I know several who had this happen. It's just that mine has dragged on so long and gotten worse and worse before the issue was solved. I can't wait to be over all this. I just told Charles how grateful I am for him. He's taken care of me graciously and with patience for awhile now. I don't know what I would have done without him. When I'm all better, happy Virginia will be back blogging. :) For now, I hope sleeps claims me so I won't feel the pain.
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