Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Excuses For Swimming

Any reason to get together and swim is good in our weather. Even better when my sister joins us because I don't get to see her and my nephews that often. My dad brought over some yummy pizza, with my mouth hurting or not, I found a way to eat it! Ha ha! In the end my sister invited my son Ryan to stay over for a couple of days. Boy, was he in Heaven. Tammy really made his day. He said he played games, watched Spiderman, ate out at a buffet, played on a trampoline. He really like Aunt Tammy and Uncle Geoff so he was telling me about things they talked about. He was happy about not having an early bedtime. LOL. I missed him incredibly and couldn't wait to see him two days later. When he came home, I ran to hug him and hold him close for as long as he would let me. :D


The K Family said...

What pool do you guys swim at?

Chris H said...

WE love swimming too!
Funny you should ask about me making an apron! I BOUGHT one the other day. Shameful I know.. I should have made one, but the one I bought just caught my eye and I fell in love with it.