Friday, June 26, 2009

Yeah, Come On Over!

Do you ever find it actually easier to invite a kid over that is a friend? My kids can get bored with each other and bicker at times. As soon as I have a little friend come over, now they are all buddies and their day is made. Roger came by (my husband's best friend) one night with his son. They were all gonna leave to go study somewhere. I begged him to let me keep Michael because I knew that my kids would love me for it and also that they would all have so much fun playing together. Plus, Michael has all sisters so he probably loved playing with the boys. He's a good kid too and doesn't destroy things so I can totally trust him to just play and have fun. They all played with guns and swords till like midnight that night. I NEVER let my kids stay up like that but, what the heck, we don't have buddies over that often. Ummm, don't be scared of that picture of Chaz on the top. He's just posing for the picture. LOL They kept wanting me to retake the picture to see who can look tough. Of course Ivy came running in and just wanted to stand there and look cute. Oh, just for the record. That is not a TV behind them. That is their game monitor! LOL. Today the neighbor kids knocked on the door. I said "yeah, come on in!" My kids were happy playing for a couple of hours. My neighbor was happy. All is good. :D


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

My kids like looking tough for the camera, too! You have a nice bunch of 'em. :]

Julie said...

Nothing like having a few friends over to make it a special day. Looks like tons of fun.


Daddy Forever said...

My kids like playing with other kids too, but until my son started kindergarten last year, all the kids that came over were girls. Poor guy.