Thursday, June 04, 2009

Take 2!

Would you believe that I got no notice from the school that my little Kindergartner was to have a little graduation at the school? Since I was in Mexico, I couldn't be there and Charles didn't know about it. So we had to take this picture when I got back. I was in loads of pain here so it was so hard to smile. But it looks like my smile worked out better than Kyle's! He looks like he had dental work instead. Hee hee...

You know, I didn't have a little Kindergarten graduation when I was little. I had a Headstart one. LOL. I was still sad I didn't get to be there to clap my little guy on. His brothers were there though and they said they cheered for him. Sniff... Oh well. I'm keeping them home for homeschooling so they're all mine now and I'm not missing out on anything else!
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