Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Last Day in Mexico

I didn't get to blog about this yet because of all that annoying painful stuff. So everything I'm blogging about this week, happened last week! :D

So this is a blog about my second day in Mexico. I had to finish up two more things at the dentist, get some medicine (see picture of pharmacy). Holy cow the medicine is so cheap at the pharmacy there. There was so many people there from the states getting their prescriptions there because it was waaaaay cheaper. After we were finished at the dentist, and I turned down a million people begging me to buy their stuff, we headed back to California. So 10 minutes later, across the border, we were back in California at the resort. My dad and I decided to take a swim at the lazy river one more time. As were leaving, a beautiful smell and wonderful site was before us at the buffet. We put our luggage back down and ate there for their seafood night! I could only eat soft stuff so crab, fish, shrimp, and oysters were all soft!! This was before my mouth got worse. I could eat more than soup on this day. The next day at home is when it got real bad. Do you see the chocolate fountain? Ahhhh.... I found a way to eat those darn chocolate covered strawberries. Yum! Finally, us techno fanatics, set the GPS and we were headed back home. :D I love spending time with my dad! In pain or not!
( In the last pic you can see the border patrol we had to pass through.)

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