Friday, June 12, 2009

More Stitches???!

Finally, yesterday I was starting to feel better. I don't sleep well at night still from the pain but the dentist refuses to give me any more pain medicine. He basically told me "you'll get over it". Four days later and the day times have been so much better for me. I'm able to eat again, duh, which is good since I'm pregnant. Normally, my dentist said people don't take this long to heal and have all this bad stuff happen. I was just one of the lucky ones to have one thing go wrong after another. Today, I started to clean up my garage and get clothes ready to take to the laundry mat when I felt something pop. Then I could feel the soreness in my mouth. I looked in the mirror and sure enough the stitches came undone and there was a big hole there. My other side is still okay. I thought, "great, just when things were getting better". I called my mean dentist (who I will never visit again after this) and asked what I should do. He said I can come in tomorrow morning and have the stitches redone. He said he doesn't know why I'm taking so long to heal and that I must be taking Aspirin or something. I told him I'm not because I'm pregnant. I only take Tylenol. That's it. He said I can leave the wound open and just eat shakes the next few weeks or I can get stitches again. So, here I go again. Ten more shots, and more stitches. I'm so tired of this dental work (and scared). More bedtime. I think I will clean a lot tonight, as much as I can, just to make sure the house will be clean. My birthday is on Sunday but I know I'll just be at home in bed. Geesh, you think with birthing all these kids I would just be strong and not be scared about more needles. But isn't something just different about having needles in your mouth? By tomorrow I will have had 35 shots in my mouth within 2 weeks. I don't want to look at needles anymore.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Ok, not a doctor but word of advice: sounds like increased bloodflow/ exercise was what just happened there. Please take it very easy for a bit and rest whenever possible. I'm very concerned for you and Caleb!!

Shakes might be a good supplement to the food you can eat. I just can't believe the bad things going on there; you're in a dental nightmare!!

Virginia Revoir said...

I've been resting for 2 weeks! Argh... I honestly haven't been doing much at all. Just laying around a lot. They said that actually it was about time my stitches went away anyway but they said my wound should have healed and closed by now. How come they won't give me any advice as to how to take care, what to eat? They always tell me what I should have done after the fact. Tomorrow, before I can't talk, I'm gonna ask him so I can heal right way. :P

Chris H said...

It's like a never ending saga! I don't know how you can stand all those needles! I freak out at the thought of 1...let alone dozens!
I even gave birth 6 times without pain relief cos I wasn't having no needle anywhere near me!
Best wishes for tomorrow for your BIRTHDAY! OK.. it's a couple of days away for you .. seeing as you are on the other side of the world!

Daddy Forever said...

I'm so sorry for all your pain and slow healing. I hope from today on you'll be pain free.