Thursday, June 18, 2009

Outreach To The Park

Last Saturday we attended our church "Family Fun Day" which is really an outreach to reach out to people. There is live bands, drama, BBQ, fun Bouncy things, face painting. This time Charles and I were in charge of the balloons. After a few of them popping I started getting so scared with the helium machine. My gosh! I'm such a jumpy person as it is. Ha ha! Kids started really lining up and I was getting behind when Charles had to go run errands for Roger (who is in charge of the outreaches). By the time he got back, I was out of balloons but thankfully he bought more. So more kids lined up but this time I had Charles' help so we were able to keep up. It's so cute seeing the kids come up and pick out a color and wait for a balloon. Ashley patiently waited (at times) next to us in her stroller. I gave her a couple of balloons and yummy food to keep her happy. Actually, Nancy brought me some yummy food since we were so busy. Thank you, Nancy! In the end, 7 people had prayed (pastor came up though and told him there were more but I can't remember how many). That's what it's all about! Seeing souls saved for Christ. :D

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Daddy Forever said...

Wow, that's a really, really big balloon. It's a good thing it was still able to fit in your car.