Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why Am I Baking Like We're a Family of 3?

You think I would get this after so much cooking but I haven't. Well, I really like to bake more than I like to cook. baking comes very easy to me. Cooking doesn't. I can cook, but goodness gracious, I never remember things. I always have to reference back to recipes. So anyway, I really like to bake bread. The problem is that as soon as I take it out of the oven, it's consumed by my herd. Okay, I know I don't have that many kids. At least it's my little herd. One day I was visiting a blog of one of those supermoms and I noticed she had like 5 loaves baking at a time. Oh duh.... why didn't I think of that? My husband went out that very day and bought me another loaf pan. I actually need more than two but I'm just so happy he did that for me. He probably did it because he would like more than one slice of Banana Nut Bread sometimes. Oh, that picture of Ivy holding the heart is cool. We were having so much fun playing with the "Jigglers" I made that we had to take pics. We made all kinds of cool shapes before we ate them. We had a person shape too and the kids thought it was great that they could eat the arms, legs, and then the head off. Ha ha! Crazy people.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

LOL Yeah, sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see what should be obvious. I have two loaf pans. If I need to make more than that, it can wait till the other batch comes out, and I pour it in. My oven is smaller than standard so I couldn't bake 5 at a time if I wanted to. BUT I can mix everything in one of those giant two-handled pots you boil corn in? I can get way over 18 cups of flour in that and make pizza after pizza that way. I make a LOT at a time and refrigerate leftovers. No way I want to cook three times a day LOL!!

PS Hey, old lady, when are you going to update your sidebar? :p