Wednesday, July 01, 2009

6 1/2 Months Preggo!

That "1/2" means a lot there when you are pregnant. You can see my pregnant tummy in picture. Wow! Does time fly! Does life slow down? I look at my little ones, like the picture Charles caught of me showing the kids something cute on the computer, and I worry that it'll all go so fast that I'll blink and they're moving out. Sigh. My time with them is limited. My training time seems so short. My goodness. I love cute things the kids say. The other day at the park outreach our church did, the cops were called out because of the noise. What do you know! The cop that got called out on us is from our church. So as he was "taking a report", my eight year old said, "Mom look! Robbie is a policeman now. He's not a human anymore"! Ha ha! Or little Kyle coming up to tell me that he's not gonna be afraid in the dark anymore because he knows that God is with him all the time. Chaz reading the bible to his brothers and sisters while they are in bed. Ryan sneaking in my room to make my bed for me when I'm not looking. Or Ivy telling me when she grows up she's gonna marry daddy. Ashley running up to me with her lips puckered and her big blue eyes waiting for me to kiss her back. Or Caleb in my tummy kicking me every now and then to remind me he's there. Awww! This is why I blog. I want to remember it all! At least as much as I can. I'm in love with this life that God blessed me with.
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