Sunday, July 12, 2009

Go Go Gadget Mommy

I'm in love. Anyone who is close to me knows that I'm a gadget lover. I had a PDA once that my husband bought me for Christmas 2 1/2 years ago. That baby was my everything. I kept birthdays in there, appointments, my daily wake up alarm, church events, reminders. Just everything. I never forgot appointments because I had alarms that went off to remind me ahead of time. I carried it everywhere! The death of my PDA came by the hands of an innocent child who was visiting and put water on it. I tried to grab it and brush it off right away but it was too soaked.

Well, lo and behold. My mom and dad brought me a (better) New Palm TX with Wi-fi and Bluetooth built right in it. I'm in heaven. I set up all my Facebook, weather, blog, email, IM, Amazon account, etc., to where when I'm home or anywhere within wifi range I can browse around. I love the Mapquest feature since I use that all the time! So Go Go Gadget Mommy is back in the game. I already set my appointments to relieve my overloaded mind. Sigh. Thank you God.

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Chris H said...

What a lovely Mum and Dad you have! Now you don't have to get outta bed to even check things out! They are very clever finding a way to keep you resting in bed! LOL