Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This Family Could Find Fun Anywhere

I didn't know these pictures were on my camera that Charles took at the hospital. It's so cute seeing my kids camped out around me. Boy, I was out of it. I know Charles and the kids came to visit me but I slept the entire time so I didn't get to talk to them. Charles must've woke me up for that one picture. That's why I look like poo poo there. Except for the hair. ((Commercial Break)) Oh, have to give credit here for Tony & Guy's dry shampoo that I had bought just a day prior to going to the hospital. Charles brought it to me. Well, I was gone for a week and could not take a shower! Doesn't that stuff work great?? Awesome! Some people use it for going camping and stuff like that. It take the grease out of your hair. Big plus for busy moms. ((end of commercial)) Since we don't have a TV, my kids were happy to come and watch cartoons for a few hours while hanging out next to their mommy. It would be totally quiet when the nurses would come in to check on me. They would look at all the kids and say, "Wow, it's quiet in here with all these people"! My husband told her it's because my kids thought it was so cool to be able to watch TV. Ha ha!


that TOPS lady said...

You don't look like poo in the pic!

My kids are the same way about the tv. :)

The K Family said...

I hope you are getting better. You hvae been through soo much in this pregnancy...jeez.

I'm glad that your parents, husband and even the kids have been a big help. Such a blessing.

Chris H said...

You soooo do not look awful! And I have never heard of a 'dry shampoo' !

Anonymous said...

I wish I looked as good healthy as you do sick. Hope you are feeling like a new person! Blessings--Bonnie

Virginia Revoir said...

Dry shampoo is something you spray on the roots of your hair, or wherever it needs, and just takes the grease out. It works fantastic.

No one looks good in a hospital gown, except maybe Marylin Monroe. Ha ha! Thanks for making me feel better though. :)