Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ivy's 4th Birthday! ***Added Video***

The first picture is of my sister Jodee holding Ivy when she was six months old. :D

The next day, after Build A Bear, My dad, sister, and nephews joined us at Chuck E. Cheese. My mom couldn't be with us because she is in Seattle but she was really wanting to be there. She is gonna celebrate with Ivy when she gets back. :D I can't believe Ivy is 4! She thinks she's going to school this year but she's not. Ha ha. I told her she can school with me if she wants. I feel like just yesterday I was having an ultrasound finding out I was having my very first little girl!

I love silly pictures of Charles with the kids. Ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ivy! What a great family celebration. They do grow so fast. Where does the time go?

PS--you asked a question on my blog. Yes--the surgery that makes your stomach smaller. My sister had the band first with leave a small stomach area. Then the balloon, which filled up part of her now stretched out stomach area. Then the bypass which means her esophagus attaches directly to her intestine now. Very sad situation. Thanks for reading and praying. Blessings--Bonnie

that TOPS lady said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I think your blog is wonderful and it proves to anyone who want to know that you have a wonderful family and that you love your kids.

Virginia Revoir said...

Thank you! :)

Daddy Forever said...

Happy birthday to Ivy. My kids like both of those places too. It's a pain to get them to leave Chuck E Cheese.