Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Life Back As a Mom

Here is Ivy trying her best to ballet dance. Daddy put on some beautiful piano music just to relax to and Ivy went to go put on her "princess dress" and starting twirling around real slow. LOL. She must've danced for a half hour straight.
After this last month of being down, health wise, I feel like I got my Mommy Life back. Being able to get out of bed to give my kids cereal. Just the little stuff. The kids would have to always come see me in bed. They would ask me when I would be able to play with them again. They would tell me it's okay because they knew mommy was sick. There were good days and bad days. After Jesus healed my kidney, I've had all good days again. :D It's so wonderful. I know Charles is happy! He tells me all the time, "I got my wife back"! Ha ha. I know he was so worn down.
I'm 29 weeks pregnant now (7 months) and now I can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. Now Caleb's kicks are starting to catch me off guard! A couple of times in church, I accidentally yelped out loud because the kick really hurt. Not so loud that heads all turned, but loud enough that my husband would say "are you okay??!!" LOL. I'm glad that I am back on my feet because we changed out the rooms. The girls are now where the playroom was. There is no longer a playroom. My husband's office is now where the girl's room once was. Their room was just waaay too small. Plus, when my husband was working at home, he was trying to concentrate right in the middle of the house where kids were running past him. Finally I begged him to give me a shot at switching the rooms around. Once I put his office in the back room, which is carpeted, he was able to get a project out fast. He loved it so now it's staying! The girl's room is just all torn apart though. I have to switch out the fans because I don't think Charles wants a pretty pink an in his office. Ha ha.


momto9 said...

It's no fun being sick...everything falls apart fast! Good you're feeling better again:) I know how wonderful it feels to be back to normal!

Chris H said...

Awww what is wrong with a pretty pink fan? Charles might LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad Jesus healed your kidney! Don't overdo now that you are feeling better. Blessings--Bonnie