Thursday, July 30, 2009

30 Weeks Pregnant with Caleb!

I know I still have 8-10 weeks left but I have been preparing for his arrival. I had no baby stuff. Why do I always do that? I get rid of stuff or give it away only to have to turn around and buy it again. I have no boy clothes because I gave it away. It's okay though because it all goes in a circle. I've given away boy clothes but I've been blessed by others giving me girl clothes. The little bassinet goes in my bedroom and the big one that's also a playpen goes in the living room so I can keep him nearby. :D I saw a little newborn at church the other day (there is always a newborn because we have so many pregnant ladies all the time) and I got excited because it reminded me that soon I was gonna have my own. Yay! The kids are excited too. They come up and rub my tummy, kiss it, and talk to Caleb. On bad days though I tell them, "Okay, that's it guys! Caleb is our last baby." They are like "NOOOO, Mom! Okay, I'll go do my chores right now! I'm gonna be the best kid!" LOL. You know how it is? You have your really great days but then you have that bad day(s) and you are wondering what the heck you're doing? LOL. I really do have sweet kids. They are just on the hyper side. So when I look at a couple of my friends at church that have all these calm kids, I get jealous at times. If I had kids that were that calm I could have 10! Ha ha. Then again, I love how our boys run around the house together and play swords (and fly through the house in my Sketchers skates). As long as the loudness is a good loud, then it's fun. If it's a fighting loud, then it's not fun at all. Really though, because all my kids do their chores twice a day, I tell them they are my Hero Helpers because it makes my job so much easier. :)


Daddy Forever said...

We kept most of all baby stuff. My wife wanted four kids from the start.

Chris H said...

-I wanted 4 kids... so after the 4th I gave all the baby stuff away.
-Then I met Stew and we had Steve, so I got all the baby stuff again.
- Then cos Steve was so HUGE I said "Never again" and gave it all away again.
- Then Stew talked (begged) me into have another, so I had Mike, and had to buy all the baby gear AGAIN!
- Then I thought 6 was enough and gave away all the baby gear AGAIN.
- Then we took on Brylee as an infant... so I had to buy all the baby gear YET AGAIN.... and of course when Griffin was born I had to buy double of everything cos Brylee was still such a tiny baby!

NOW? I have kept all of it! I am NEVER getting rid of it again... that would be tempting fate!!!

Virginia Revoir said...

Haha! That is funny!

I did the same thing a few times, but not in that extreme. When I had my fourth, I had finally had a girl so I figured I was done. I gave away my boy clothes. As Ivy was growing, I gave her clothes away. Then I got pregnant with Ashley and had to get everything again. Then I figured, I was done again and gave everything away. So here I am with Caleb. Now I'm not really sure if I want to quit! I think we would like to have another 3 or 4 years down the road so I'm just gonna save this stuff. Ha ha.