Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eating Pain Pills For Lunch... Ew

I am slowly healing. That is what my new high risk pregnancy doctor said. My back is real bad though. Kind of like getting mugged and beat the crud out of. She told me to take two of my pain pills, PLUS 3 Ibuprofen every four hours. PLUS, my antibiotics four times a day. It's so gross because I feel like that's what I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No wonder I've still only gained five pounds being 7 months along. Ha ha.. No seriously. To top it off, my medicine is not letting me sleep so I'm up really, really late writing this and I'm not the least bit tired. I have to go to church in the morning. I BADLY want to be there, I haven't been all this month so far because I've been in and out of hospital. I will go even if I only get 2 hours of sleep. It's just that, in the last 6 hours, my stomach hurt so bad from having contractions that I had to lay down half the evening to rid of them and it didn't work. Well, eventually it did but my stomach felt so bruised from it. Everytime Caleb kicked, it made it tighten and hurt all over again. If I have contractions in the morning, I am not allowed to go to church.

I loooove this Cartoon! Ha ha! I love Blogging and Facebook so this is totally me. Especially being in bed so much. Ever since my friend had moved in with me a few months ago, I have become a drill sargeant about cleaning. So my husband hasn't been able to keep me down. My back hurt SO badly around lunch time (every time pain meds wear off) that I had to lay down and wait for the horrible pain to go away again with more medicine. As SOON as it did, I got up, cleaned and did dishes. Then I organized the boys room, threw away tons of stuff, and vacuumed even inside of closet. It looks spectacular but that's how I got the onset of really bad contractions. My husband chased me back to the couch to lay down and I was so bummed. :( I had so much more to organize. I haven't been able to do any laundry since being gone. What on earth are they going to wear to church?? Their swimming trunks?
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