Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Hate The Blahs! McDonalds To The Rescue!

Oh man. Yesterday and today I had the major blahs. I didn't want to clean, cook, organize, play. Nothing. Any ideas I could come up with in my head I just thought, "nah." Two days in a row. Finally, we were gonna head out to outreach on Saturday night for our church and so we all got ready. I called my dad and found out that it was pretty far and a storm was approaching. We decided to cancel that and the boys were so bummed! Kyle (my 5 year old) said, "But mommy, we need to go worship God!" I wasn't sure what to do. I just wanted to go lay down. I decided that enough was enough. I need to get out of the blahs so I forced myself to have everyone load up and we headed to McDonalds. That was enough to get me out of the weird mood! The kids had a blast and Charles and I just talked. Charles kept getting frustrated at this guy he said was checking me out. I seriously doubt he was checking out a pregnant lady. Some people just stare, you know? LOL. Charles, being my hubby though, was trying to give him the eye so he'd stop. I was like "Goodness gracious, Charles. Just ignore him." There were some bully boys who started hurting Ivy, my 4 year old. Once we saw what was going on, Ryan already ran over and got the boys away from her and starting, um, pounding on them. He said, "stop hitting my sister!". I'm not sure how that should have been handled because we've always taught out boys to protect their sisters. One thing is for sure, the boys left Ivy alone. I mean, come on, they were bigger and the parents were just sitting there doing nothing. Ivy was crying really hard from them hurting her and they were even laughing! Those boys were creating all kinds of havoc and saying garbage to adults in there. Finally the parents left with them and gave us all a break. After that, all was peaceful. Some things that bug me the most are destructive kids that don't respect property, kids that flip their mouth off at adults, and parents who are just too busy to care or intervene. Goodness gracious.
Story: One time the school called because Kyle had did something they considered naughty. I asked them what happened. There has been this big kid at school who picked on Chaz every single day. He would never stop. We tried to come talk to the bully nicely at one time to see if we could get him to stop. He just called us names. I mean, nasty names. So, a few days later, the bully was picking on Chaz again. Kyle came up and kicked him in the nards and told him to leave his brother alone. This is a five year old sticking up for his older brother who was eight at the time. Pretty awesome. Kyle had to kick up high too because this was an older boy. So when the school told me why Kyle was in the office, of course I didn't punish Kyle. We were so proud of him sticking up for his brother like that. I still amazed to think he's so little and he stood up to a kid so much bigger than him.


Anonymous said...

I could use some McDonalds tonight. So glad to hear about parents who encourage their kids to stick up for one another. There is not enough of that in the world. Too much attention is spent on creating "individuals" and not enough on promoting family bonds and stick together-ness. Hope you are feeling better soon. I have the blahs and am trying to force myself to sew right now. I just want to go to bed. Blessings--Bonnie

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Yeah, Kyle! And Virginia, you are VERY pretty but IMO "checking out" an obviously pregnant woman is kinda sick... eew.

NOT that they should be leering at you anyway.

Daddy Forever said...

What a great brother. I wonder if any my kids would stick up for their sibling like that.

16 blessings'mom said...

One time on the bus years ago, someone was picking on my Sam, who was 6 years old. My then thirteen year old son told Sam to just punch the kid. So Sam did. Sam went to the principal. He said the kid was bugging him and his brother Ben said to punch the kid. The principal apparently laughed, told Sam not to do it again, and let him go...I am mixed about this sort of thing...if they don't stand up for themselves, they just get walked all over. This boy had been a problem for my kids, and this stopped it. No lecture on bullying is going to makes these brats on the bus stop, but a punch worked! (we usually have 9 kids in school every year, and they get called the Brady Bunch, ect.)