Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kidney Stones Are Not Nice!

Aahhh... I love my blog because it's here where I can share my heart and things we as a family go through. (Mostly) I keep it toned down though. :)

Monday was a very stressful day. We were running around, getting some stuff for baby Caleb (in my tummy) and so we ran a lot of errands. We got new items (literally) off of Craigslist so we had to run to different people's houses. I'll talk about that later. When we got home late that night, my chest was really tight and it was hard to breathe. So I laid down on the couch with some pretty piano music trying to calm down. Just as I felt like it was easier to breathe, my lower back started to hurt really bad. I kept twisting and turning thinking I was just have a sore back from being pregnant like I normally get. By midnight it was really intensifying. Then by 1:30am it was getting really, really bad. I thought it was possible I had a kidney infection. I had not had a bladder infection so I was wondering what's going on. It was my kidney though that was really hurting. Because it hurt bad but was bearable, I told Charles I would drive myself to the hospital since all the kids were sleeping. I wanted to go to the one that was a half hour away where I am going to have the baby because it's a really nice hospital. By the time I was driving 5 minutes, the pain was so bad it was comparible to being in hard labor with a baby. ((Bad)) Then I was worried about crashing so I just had to stop at the nearest hospital. :P I made it in there and they brought me straight back with no wait because I was 6 months pregnant. In the ER they told me they weren't gonna monitor me or anything on my stomach even though I told them I was starting to have contractions. I thought that was weird because it's supposed to be bad having contractions so early and so many of them. Finally OB came and got me. They insisted on bringing me back thank goodness. Once I was actually admitted into the hospital in the labor and delivery section, that's when they starting checking everything out. I had a fever, they took tests and said I had a kidney stone. No bladder or kidney infection. I passed several kidney stones when I was having baby Ashley almost 2 years ago so I've had a history of them. They gave me a shot for nausea first befor getting rid of any pain. In fact, the nurse only gave me Tylenol. TYLENOL for a kidney stone! I thought to my self, "Are you serious?" They put monitors on my stomach but I was twisting and turning from the pain in my back. They had to keep adjusting the monitors. FINALLY, six hours from the time I was admitted (8 hours total in pain), a new nurse came on the shift. She saw me in pain and instantly said, "Girl, I'm gonna go get you some medicine." She harrassed the pharmacy in the hospital for an hour before they got me the medicine I needed. Then I finally got a shot of Demerol that was gonna put baby and me asleep AND take away the pain. I was ever so grateful. I slept for 2 hours. When I woke up, they asked me if I knew that I was having constant contractions. I was so passed out I didn't know. They had to give me a shot to stop the contractions. They hooked me up to an IV and just pumped fluid into me. The pain meds only last 2 hours but it took away half the pain for awhile longer. Then they drew blood to check more thorough for any infections which there was none. After fishing around for awhile she was finally able to get a little bit of blood. It was enough though for the tests. :) I slept overnight there and then stayed the day and they finally let me go. I had to let all the pain meds out of my system before I could leave so I could drive. I went home and my husband took the kids to get my pain medicine. Can you believe that they had a note on my name at the pharmacy that said I am suspected of abusing pain meds???? My gosh! It's because I just had oral surgery and had to have medicine recently and now this. The ONLY other time I had pain meds prescribed was last year when I had that ankle injury that was really bad. That's it. No other time that I know of in my life. So they are questioning whether or not I'm faking it to get meds. Huh? My gosh. If this is abusing meds, then I wonder about a lot of people who get it way more than me. So weird. This did tell me they are having to crack down because people have been abusing them too much. I slept all day and next night. I tried to get up and walk around today but it just brings way too many contractions so they said I have to stay down a lot. :( Oh man. I'm too hyper of a person to have to do that. I think at least I can sit down and homeschool. I'll just keep all the stuff next to me. I'm more bummed that I can't keep up on the house and stuff. I'm gonna have to really have my bigger boys helping me. They said I most likely don't have one large kidney stones. Just smaller ones so they'll all eventually pass. That's why my back is a lot better but still in pain. Thankfully it's slowly getting better as time goes on. If I get another fever, I have to go straight back in. :P I think things will look up from here. At least my kids are healthy! :D
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