Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aagh! I'm Sinking Under the Laundry

It's so crazy how hot it's been outside! (114 degrees). My a/c has been working overtime and so to keep our bills down, I haven't been washing clothes too much. Just the bare minimum. Like when my husband says, "um, babe, I am down to my last pair (of you know). Actually, I hate these ones." Then I go wash a load of whites for him. Or if we're in church and I notice that the boy's socks are mismatched. I'll ask them why they didn't bother to match them properly. They'll say "but mom, it was all I could find!". Then I wash them a load. My loads are totally last. That's okay though. Girls have more clothes! It takes me longer to go through them. That's what happens when we pass a store in the mall and Charles insists on me going inside and trying something on that he saw in the window. (I love this guy). He's even like that with shoes. He'll MAKE me try on a pair of shoes he thinks will look good on me. Once he even bought me the matching purse. But being that times have changed some for us and my husband is not working in his usual field of expertise, that doesn't happen as often. When he gets a chance though, he'll do something like that every now and then. I don't care about less money! As long as we can pay our bills then I am more than blessed!!!! There is all sorts of fun stuff we can do together that doesn't cost hardly anything. Okay, for example. Every great now and then we'll go to Gameworks and play games. Mine and Charles' favorite is the basketball one. It's so fun I finally quit when I feel like my arms are gonna fall off. Well, we save our tickets. We finally had 3500 so we got a cool gel like ant farm the other day. The green gel glows (has lights that shine through from the bottom) and the gel serves also has their nutrition. So as they are digging tunnels, the gel gives them their food and water. We just watch the fun tunnels forming. I will take a pic soon. You know me, I rarely ever post any pictures so I don't want to leave you guys hanging. :P


Daddy Forever said...

We have a heat wave this weekk too. I think it was 105 today - a record for Portland. 90's is hot for us. We're keeping laundry to a minimum too.

momto9 said...

The heat here is unbearable!...I hope you'll make it out from undre mount washmore:)

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

The ant house sounds kewl! Bet your kids can't wait to see them in action.