Thursday, July 16, 2009

Caleb's 28 Week 3D Ultrasound

Today I went to my doctor's office for my 28 week (7 month) checkup. It's at my new office that I love. My dad offered to take me there since my a/c broke in my van and I was so happy! Plus, my dad has NEVER seen an ultrasound so this would be his first time. At first they were showing us the 2D ultrasound and my dad was just amazed. Then the lady said, "Okay, now lets switch over". Huh? I asked her what she meant. She said that she's switching to 3D. I was so excited! I've always, always wanted one. I saw the look on my dad's face when he saw these snapshots. Wow. It was so neat to see him moving around and looking at it in 3D. Sigh. Such a beautiful experience. Especially since this might have to be my very last pregnancy. My doctor told me that pregnancy is killing my kidneys. My body is not able to handle it and I could end up on Kidney dialysis or needing a transplant she said. I'm taking that seriously, especially after my hospitalization. I didn't even have a warning. Now I'm going through this twice each pregnancy and it's getting worse. So I really cherished this ultrasound. Who knows, in the future, I would love to have one down the road. For now, I have to see a specialist and possibly have surgery once Caleb is born. I have to be able to physically care for the precious 6 children I have. They can't keep having a sick mommy that just keeps getting sicker. I love them too much and they need their mommy. That's why I can't even send them off to school. I cherish every single day that I have with them. I can't handle them being gone all day like that. Time just flies too fast for me. I can have my peace and quiet for many years after they have their own family. For now, I love seeing them run around the house playing together. Or having to jump out of the way become someone is crossing through the living room in skates. Yes, I'm a cool mommy. My house is nice and long and I purposefully have tile. My kids put on their helmets and skates and skate through the long part of the house. Ha ha. Love it! When they get too big though, that might not be an option. I don't know. When I'm not pregnant, my kids have caught me in my Sketchers skates going through the kitchen for fun. Hee hee....

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