Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Whatever Happened to Being Positive?

Just wondering.... why are people so negative sometimes? There are people I talk to at times where all they have to talk about is someone that's offended them, someone that is doing something wrong, they're mad at their spouse, someone that hurt them in some way shape or form. (I'm not talking about whey they need to talk to a trustworthy friend to get something off their chest. I'm talking about a constant, every time you are around them they have something bad to say about someone thing.)It's like when you talk to them, they can't talk about anything positive or have anything nice to say about anyone. It always makes me wonder, if they will complain to me about everyone in their life, surely they must talk about me to their friends. My dad taught me this and I believe it all the way. I've learned to see the good in people. Of COURSE people have issues. We ALL do in some way. No one is perfect. So why pick on others when the huge log is sticking out of our own eye? Surely there are good things in their life to talk about. Such as their kid's latest achievement, the nice thing their spouse did for them, a friend did something nice. There are MANY positive things. I had a friend once tell me that it seemed like I have no problems in my life. Ha ha. My blog is a huge example of how to find beauty in this world and the positive happenings in our life. Maybe we should all live by the old saying, "if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say it at all". For some, that just might mean that they either learn to talk nice about others, or they'll have nothing to say at all. Either way, it'll be a good thing.


Chris H said...

I agree on the whole.
Sometimes is does help to talk to someone about things that are not so good in your life too though.
If we all bottled up our problems we would all be in a lot more strife.
On the other hand, people who bemoan their lot all the time can drag you down too... so you have to be 'choosy' about who you listen to sometimes!

Virginia Revoir said...

Yes, it is good to have a friend that you can get things off your chest to. I'm more talking about people where they are obsessed with other people's problems. They can never just be positive. Everything in their life is controversial and of course they are never at fault for anything. Ugh... My pastor always says to stay away from people like that because they really bring you down.

The K Family said...

I stay away from those people completely! Every year I do a "spring cleaning" with my friends. If your negative, nagging, complaining and always talking about yourself--you're gone. You should try it.