Saturday, May 30, 2009

Encouraging Comments and Helpful Husband

Kids from left: Chaz, Kyle, Ryan, Ivy, Ashley and
Caleb in mommy's tummy
To my friends who wrote me, yet again, you have totally encouraged me. Thank you! I got your comments and they made me smile. I'm so encouraged. My Tylenol/Codeine didn't kick in till the second dose 4 hours later and when it did, I was so relieved! My husband bought me soup and I was able to sip it. Yum! I wasn't hungry even though I hadn't eaten for 24 hours. The pain was too much to think about food but little Caleb needed me to eat food! :) I have a sweet and incredible husband who would care for me. I came back from the trip to a totally clean house like I left it. He didn't want me to come back to the stress of a dirty house along with feeling bad. He took the kids today on errands. He's just incredible. Man, I'm so lucky. So, so lucky.
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